Isabelle Scott


Isabelle is a senior at Hanszen College, majoring in computer science with a minor in business. She’s originally from Austin, Texas, and after graduation will be working for Capital One as a software engineer in Plano, Texas.

L’s Taken

“Thank you for taking the time to apply, but…”

  • COMP Academic Fellow at Hanszen
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • JP Morgan
  • (so many other companies)
  • O-Week Advisor
  • Hanszen RA Search Committee

Regrets I have

  • Feeling the need to front load classes so heavily

Embarrassing moments

  • Crying on the floor after Whataburger didn’t have milkshakes for delivery at midnight after submitting an assignment

Things I swore I’d finish but never did

  • My entire four year plan before deciding to go part time senior year

Everyday L’s

  • Telling myself this is the semester I’ll get up in time for breakfast

On the Bright Side

Memories made when I wasn’t studying/working

  • Going off campus for food each semester after submitting my final assignment

Favorite Rice traditions

  • O-Week
  • Powderpuff

Things I’ve learned that will still matter in 10 years

  • Time management
  • Group collaboration
  • Making a big project manageable

Things I’m proud of that aren’t on my resume

  • Senior Rep and O-Week advisor at Hanszen
  • Finishing Comp 421
  • Making so many amazing friends

Things I’ve done that have pushed me out of my comfort zone

  • Expanding into the business minor
  • Being an O-Week Coord
  • Starting to TA for comp classes

Leaps of faith

  • Doing my first internship the summer after my junior year
  • Moving to Seattle for the summer with other comp students

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Moving to a new city
  • Starting a job at a company I loved
  • Visiting friends across the country




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